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Christmas Female Thermos Cup Gift Box Set Birthday

Christmas Female Thermos Cup Gift Box Set Birthday

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Product information:

Product Name: Christmas Heart Warming Mug Gift Box
Product color: Christmas red/white/black 300ML
Product color: 300ML
Water cup parameters: 7*7*18CM
Product material: 304 stainless steel food grade PP
Matching products: Christmas red cashmere texture scarf
Scarf parameters: 70*200 CM (including tassel 10CM)

Instructions for use:
1. Do not put milk (food for babies), dry ice and carbonated drinks;
2. Do not use hard brushes and abrasives to clean the water cup;
3. The lid of the cup should not be sterilized at high temperature for a long time, which will cause deformation;
4. Please do not overfill the water to avoid water leakage;

5. Because of the long heat preservation time, please do not drink directly without testing the water temperature before drinking to avoid burns.

Packing list :

Insulation cup*1
OR Insulation Cup 1+ Scarf*1
OR Insulation cup*2+scarf*1

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